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Sleep hygiene behavior among Balinese adolescent

01 July 2017 - dalam Publikasi Internasional NonScopus Oleh ferry-efendi-fkp

Introduction: Sleep hygiene is very important for predicting the quality and quantity of sleep in adolescent students. Studies in recent years showed the number of adolescents who get sleep disturbances due to poor sleep behavior increased by 72.9%, however, only a few studies explored the sleep hygiene behaviour particularly from developing country setting. The purpose of this study was to know sleep hygiene in adolescent students particularly in Bali island.

Method: Design used in this study was descriptive analytic with cross-sectional approach. The population was all students of class X and XI in PGRI Negara High School. Total sample was 46 respondents. Data were collected by using modified Adolescent Sleep Hygiene Scale (ASHS) questionnaire and analyzed by using multiple linear regression test with a level of significance p < .05.

Result: The result showed that sleep hygiene for Balinese adolescents in terms of physiological aspect to have enough category (50%) and the cognitive aspect showed less category (71.74%). Most students have sleep hygiene behavior with good category (41.32%) on the emotional aspect and the sleep environment aspect on less category (45.65%). The sleep hygiene behavior of daytime sleep aspect having enough category (50%) and the sleep stability aspect on less category (43.48%).

Discussion and conclusion: It can be concluded that most of Balinese adolescents has sleep hygiene with less to moderate category. Further studies should be done to improve sleep quality through nursing intervention.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5430/jnep.v4n3p155   

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