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The effectiveness of behavioral change communication (BCC) program to change HIV/AIDS-related behaviors on construction workers

01 July 2017 - dalam Publikasi Internasional NonScopus Oleh ferry-efendi-fkp

Background: Health education remains the main measure to prevent and control HIV/AIDS particularly in low resource 
setting. Among vulnerable groups, construction workers are one of the high-risk group infected by this virus. This research 
was conducted to investigate the construction workers’ behavior before and after the intervention behavioral change 
communication (BCC) to explore the influencing factors of the high-risk behaviors.
Objective: To test the effectiveness of BCC to change the behavior of construction workers toward HIV occurrence.
Materials and Methods: The methodology that guided the study was operational research. Sampling was purposeful 
and consisted of 150 construction workers. The data were collected in questionnaire; the analysis were performed using 
correlational statistical test. Internal motivation, external motivation, and knowledge, attitude, and practice of construction 
workers were tested.
Result: Construction workers showed less knowledge, positive attitude, and less practice toward the risk of HIV trans￾mission. Spearman correlational test showed a low correlation between internal motivation and utilization behavior￾related HIV. On the other hand, external motivation showed a sufficient correlation toward utilization behavior-related HIV. 
Stakeholders concerned with HIV program also reveal that construction workers belong to the vulnerable groups.
Conclusion: The result of this study calls for further intervention in supporting minority group such as construction 
workers to develop program that support them to become less-vulnerable population. BCC can be an exit way to reach 
this group by coordinating with local stakeholder to implement this program.
KEY WORDS: Construction worker, HIV, BCC

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