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Proposing a Return Migration Policy: Insights from Indonesia Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (IJEPA) Nurses Study

02 July 2017 - dalam Konferensi Oleh ferry-efendi-fkp


erry Efendi! "hing#Min "henA$stract
There are few data on return migration of Indonesian nurses from Japan to Indonesia, especiallyin the context of bilateral agreement. Yet our study results point out that managing returnmigration needs a holistic approach. We discuss the motivation of ex-IJ!" nurses for cominghome, their lived after return, intention to go bac# to Japan, and any other insights related toreturn migration.The analysis showed that the decision for return was due to the expiration of the contract$therefore they were full aware that they must return to Indonesia. In the origin country,Indonesian nurses face challenges and difficulty for finding a new %ob and struggle with their current status. We propose that return migration should be managed in comprehensive approach.The role of sending and receiving country is an imperative to maximi&e the benefit of return andminimi&e the negative effects. 'ilateral agreement or Indonesia Japan conomic !artnership"greement (IJ!") may become a good starting point in developing cooperative approach tomanage the return migration.*ee more at+http+gender-care-state.asia 


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