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Relationship of Mother Larvae Observer (Bumantik) Empowerment to Indicators of Success Mosquito Breeding Eradication (PSN) at Wonokromo Village, Surabaya

02 July 2017 - dalam Publikasi Nasional Oleh ferry-efendi-fkp

Mother larvae observer (Bumantik) empowerment is an effort empower communities to establish independency of the community in health, especially elimination of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). Although most of the household (RT) good enough in conducting of 3M Plus, but this activity has not been optimally. This study aims to clarify the relationship of empowerment Bumantik with indicators of mosquito breeding eradication (PSN) in the Wonokromo Village, Surabaya. Design used in this study was  cross sectional design. The population was all cadre Bumantik at RW 6 Wonokromo Village, Surabaya. Samples were collected by using the Total Sampling as many as 35 respondents. Data was collected using questionnaires and secondary data from the cadre Bumantik, and analyzed using a statistical test of correlation coefficient Cramer's V contingency with a significant level of p £ 0.01. Results of analysis showed that no relation empowerment Bumantik with indicators larvae free rate (ABJ) (p = 0.588), an indicator of the Container Index (CI) (p = 0.512), 3M Plus activity indicators (p = 0.806). Bumantik empowerment is not related to indicators of ABJ, CI, and 3M Plus. This is caused by various factors affecting the success of the mosquito breeding eradication, so that local communities should also be considered.

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