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Studi Komparasi Perilaku Masyarakat dan Kondisi Lingkungan Pada Kejadian Demam Berdarah Dengue di Daerah KLB Dengan Non KLB di Surabaya

02 July 2017 - dalam Publikasi Nasional Oleh ferry-efendi-fkp

Dengue Haemorrhargic Fever is one of contagious diseases caused by Dengue virus. One caused of the failures to control Dengue Haemorrhargic Fever in the world is the lack of knowledge, attitude and practice of community, so that from year to year often emerge as outbreak. This Research aimed to know the difference of community behaviour and environment condition on Dengue Haemorrhargic Fever occurrence in the outbreak area with the non outbreak area.
Design used in this research is cross sectional study was conducted in Kejawanputih and Keputih village. The population was housewives who live in those villages. Randomized design was used to take the sample. Total sample was 100 respondents, taken according to inclusion criteria. The independent variables were knowledge, attitude and practice about Dengue Haemorhargic Fever. Dependent variables were outbreak and non outbreak area. Data were collected by interviewed using structured questionnaire and observation. Analyzed data was conducted by Chi-square with level of significance of 0.05.
Result shows that there are a different of knowledge and attitude in outbreak and non outbreak area. Practices of community and environment condition do not show any significance different between outbreak and non outbreak area.
The result of this study has enlightened the importance of behaviour and environment factors in Dengue Haemorrhargic Fever occurrence. Stratagems to motivate behaviour changes need to be devised and tested.


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